Sunday, 22 August 2010

New Barn Owl Chicks

Our Barn Owl pair in the aviaries by the other owls have been sitting on eggs for the last month, and earlier this week the first one hatched out. Now they are currently on two chicks and another 4 eggs.

Next week we will be taking two of the chicks to hand rear to join our flying team. Our other barn owls, Tyto and Alba, have unfortunately not fitted into the flying team as well as I would of hoped and so will retire early to allow our new comers to hopefully take their place.

The parents of the chicks, Twilight and Eclispe, have so far been very good parents, and I would hope another egg or two will hatch and so they can be seen rearing their other chicks in the aviary over the end of the Summer.

Katie (our resident crazy bird lady) will take on the task of rearing the new arrivals having recently successfully reared our long-eared owl. Tentative names for the chicks are Emerick and Evy and I hope to have them on the flying team before the end of the year.

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