Saturday, 13 October 2012

BWC Christmas Cards

The year is racing away, and although I don't like to think about Christmas this early, I have been asked to promote our new Christmas cards for 2012. Take a look at the four designs...

This year the office has decided to go ahead with 4 different designs. A fox, squirrel, otter and badger. All four photos are ones I took in the snow a few years ago. They are packed in to packs of 10 cards, and two packs are available.

One pack has five otter cards and five fox cards. The other pack available has five squirrel cards and five badger cards in it. Each pack retails for £6.50 each, so for £13 you could get 20 cards and all four designs!

These cards are all personal to the Centre portraying the animals we have here, and all the money made from their sales will go towards the good work we do here for conservation and education of our native British animals.

To buy a pack (or packs) you can either visit the centre on an open day to buy them from the shop, or during term time drop in to the main office between 10am and 4pm. Alternatively ring the office between these hours on 01342 834658 to order a pack for us to send them out to you, or email the main office at

Nice, aren't they?

OK, keep your eyes peeled next week for the first of a few conservation posts.

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  1. Beautiful greeting cards. Wildlife rescue magazine has also a greetings cards all in wildlife. Thanks.


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