Friday, 19 October 2012

BWC Members Lunch Club

It is getting close to that time of year when we close to the general public, staying open only for pre-booked groups such as schools, universities and photographic days.

After the October half term, we will not be open again until the day after Boxing day, for about 1 week, and then after that it will be February half term and then back to normal, opening every weekend from March through till the end of October next year.

After last years success, Members of the British Wildlife Centre will still be able to come and visit the Centre during this "down" time during our exclusive "Members Lunch Club" dates. These offer members with withdrawal symptoms a chance visit us for a few hours during the day, have the Centre to themselves and we will even through in a lunch to boot!


These sessions will run from 12pm - 3pm, with lunch being served at 12.30pm.

They are only available if you pre-book by either phoning or emailing the main office.

Price will be £12 per member.

For all the dates available, and to find out more information, please check our main website linked below.

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