Tuesday, 2 October 2012

BWC Keeper's Blog; Round Up

Did you all know it is "National Red Squirrel Week" this week?... No, me neither until about 30 minutes ago. Apparently it is national Badger Day this coming Saturday too, so there you go!

Anyway, it is coming to that time of year again when the weekly news of more arrivals, kittens and and other exciting animal news is slowing down. It doesn't mean we are any less busy, in fact we are arguably more busy when the public are not here looking after schools and photographers. Once they slow up come December, then its noses to the grind stone to make use of the few "free" weeks to get on top of any maintenance that needs to be done.

It does mean the blog has less to report, as I am sure no one wants to be bored by numerous "We had a school in today" posts, and so more time can be used for other posts.

It is also that time of year where the anniversary of the blog arrives. I have now been writing this blog for nearly three years, and during that time seen it grown from the odd reader to now nearly 200 individual hits every day on average!. Wow... thanks to all the readers for this huge success.

I know you have to put up with the occasional "quirky" post, but I hope this is allowed for the news and little extras you get through this portal.

So what does all this mean...

Well... I want to keep the same laid back feel to the blog, but now that it has access to so many people, push a bit more on the education and conservation side of things as we do in all other aspects of the work we do at the British Wildlife Centre. Therefore, during the slower weeks, you may well be seeing posts on individual species and what makes them so fascinating and important to British wildlife.

Expect more posts on the conservation issues too... My most common asked question this summer has been "What do you think of the Badger cull?", so hopefully this blog can reach out to a few people and explain important issues like this that effect our native wildlife.

Don't worry, I won't let it get too heavy or opinionated, but just help make people aware of what is happening out there with our very precious wildlife.


  1. The most hits I've had in one day is 109, I average about 40. My 40 comes from 23 countries around the world. I wish you the same success, Matt.

  2. Hi Matt
    I dont know if you are aware of the " Save Me" site. Basically its Brian May ( of Queen) heavily into stopping the Badger cull amongst other things.


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