Sunday, 7 July 2013

Members Evening

Yesterday evening (Saturday the 6th of July) we had our annual members evening. Thanks to every one who came along and helped made the evening the success it was. 

We were very lucky with the weather, a beautiful evening which cooled down nicely from the day, and the animals enjoyed the cooler time of the day being out and about for all to see.

We had several animal feeds on the go, a meet and greet with some owls and grass snakes plus two new talks that we don't usually do on an open day.

The main talk of the evening was about the Scottish Wildcat, where I focused far more on the conservation efforts going on, the new dna testing happening this year and the hope of a possible re-introduction scheme in the future.

Of course we had a look at the kittens too, and how they are developing strongly... it was great to see them put on a good show, and they where playing for most of the evening while mum and dad kept a close eye on them.

Earlier in the evening we went up to see our stoats and weasels... these are some of my most favourite of animals, and once again they put in a good appearance for all to see while I explained just why these fantastic little carnivores are one of the best predators in the world!

Thanks once again to all who came to see us last night, and to all the members of the BWC for your continued support of the Centre and the work we do here for the education and conservation of British wildlife. We all do truly appreciate it.

Hope to see you all again soon.


  1. it was a fabulous eve - thanks Mat and all the team. It is a very special place and a privilege to be able to see these animals in such lovely setting and of course so well looked after and treasured by you guys. Debbie Morffew

  2. Hi Matt, it was a great evening as usual and was very enjoyable. Thanks to you and the BWC team for putting in so much hard work! Some of the photos that I took at the evening can be seen on my website here: and I would appreciate it greatly if you could have a quick look.
    Thanks again,
    Jack Barton

  3. Thank you both for your kind comments, and you have some great photos there Jack! Keep up the good work.


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