Wednesday, 17 July 2013

New Mole

After a long hiatus, we now have a new mole living in our hedgerow! Our moles have always been a great exhibit, and draw much attention. I think many people are surprised at how small they actually are... especially when all you normally see to tell you they have been around is a large mole hill!

This mole came from the Devon Wildlife Photography Centre, and has yet to be named... maybe something along the lines of Digger, Hans or maybe even Bob?

Moles are fascinating little mammals, with little known about them... here are a few facts that you may not of heard.

 - Moles have tiny eyes and ears which they hardly use, but their sense of touch is amazing!

 - Their velvety fur can lay either forwards or backwards, making it easy to traverse either way through their tunnels without the fur snagging

 - To turn around in a tunnel, the mole will do a roly poly

 - The main predator of moles are owls

 - Moles saliva have a toxin which can paralyze earthworms and and other invertebrates

Make sure to keep an eye open for our mole next time you visit... they tend to be active for a couple of hours, before sleeping for a couple of hours, then awake again. You may need to be a little patient and pop back to have another look if he is not out first time you go to see.

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