Friday, 26 July 2013

Summer Opening

Don't forget, we are now open to the general public everyday until the end of the school summer holidays! So that is every day until Monday the 2nd of September! 

Why not come along and see us, the wildcat kittens are growing and doing strong, the stoat and polecat kits are now out and about, the deer fawns are growing fast and coming over for feed, the squirrel kittens are now active in the copse plus much more!

I alluded to a new addition to the team earlier this week... well, I bet none of you guessed it, but we now have a terrapin in our hedgerow pond!

Terrapins are not native to the UK, but are popular pets which had a boom in purchases after the fame of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" cartoon. Growing fast, many people then released these animals in to the wild to get rid of them, and much like other alien species... the terrapins are now taking over some of our habitats and causing many problems.

This chap is a "Yellow-Bellied Slider", or a cross of that family of terrapins. These are now arguably more popular than the red-eared terrapins that many people know off, and was brought in to us as a rescue a couple of weeks ago.

Our terrapin has been extremely popular with school children, as he is easily visible in his pond enclosure. Be sure to check him out next time you are here.

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