Saturday, 3 August 2013

Playful Stoats

I have been extremely busy over the past week with an exciting new project, more news on that in a week or so, but for today... have I got a treat of a post for you!

Our stoat babies, bred in the hedgerow display, are now around 12 weeks old and are great fun to watch playing. The video above is a 2 minute clip of them chasing each other around one of the areas of their enclosure, and pouncing on each other. Take a look if you have time, it really is great fun to watch!

This is one of the kits, I think a female but not confirmed it yet. The other is definitely a male though, and a real character... he also has very white legs and chest, unusual but very handsome.

If you like the footage above, but want something more professionally filmed then try out these two videos below. The first is a National Geographic sequence on the stoat using it's "hypnotising" movements to help in a hunt, some of it need to be watched with a pinch of salt.

The second does show some scenes that may be disturbing if you don't like seeing animals hunting, but is one of my "favouritist" bits of British wildlife footage I have seen, and why I have included it here to share... narrated by David Attenborough.

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