Friday, 9 August 2013

Red Squirrel Kittens

Our red squirrels have done well this year, and we have managed to expand our group of holders to help spread out the squirrels we have breeding.

Later this year, owner David Mills will be sending out 20 of our red squirrels to join the few we released at the end of last year on the Isle of Tresco. There it is hoped that they can begin to form a self-sustaining population with a little help from the residents and our breeding colony.

In the meantime, it seems our red squirrel kittens are just beginning to get bold enough to venture out further than before, and this little one in particular is the star at many a keeper talk!

If you come to see him, you will instantly recognise him... he is obviously a youngster, and has a few white wisps to his tail at the tip.

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  1. They are very cute. I really love the ohase when animals are growing up and start exploring their surroundings. And it is true that every animal is different and behaves differently. Very good pictures, I love your blog :)


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