Wednesday, 3 July 2013

New Roe Deer

Earlier this week we welcomed "Russell" the Roe Deer to the British Wildlife Centre. Russell came to us from Wildwood Trust near Herne Bay. Wildwood were looking to expand some of their other enclosures, and so this meant they needed to find a new home for their roe. Being such a handsome buck, and also our little male roe being a little stunted due to his start in life, we offered Russell a home here in the hope he may breed with our female "Chestnut"

It is quite possible that they may catch the season this year, and we may see roe kids at the Centre again next year.

I was very surprised at how quickly our new roe has settled in. They can be quite nervous animals, but even on his first new morning with us I saw him just lying in the grass with our other two roe deer. It seems both Chestnut and Bracken have accepted him already and made him part of the family.

If you are coming this weekend, have a little look to see if you can see him. He is still settling and so is most likely going to be a little further back in the enclosure hiding in the grass and trees... I am pretty sure he will be keeping a close eye on you though.

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