Thursday, 18 March 2010

Baby Badgers

Just over a week ago now we had a couple of baby badgers bought in to the centre. They are two little girls, found together as wild orphans, and are currently being reared by centre owner David Mills.

Today you may have been lucky to see them already as they have made their first TV appearance. They were filmed live for the meridian weather forecast this evening at around 6.30pm.

We estimate them to be around 7 weeks old, and are being kept safe and warm while they are still being fed milk. They will start the weaning process very soon when they will get far more boisterous and will be housed in a small pen at the centre. Look out for them then being escorted around the grounds by one of the keepers, they may even make an appearance at the badger talk.

When older and ready to move on we will look to house them in our semi-wild sett out on our nature reserve. Here we hope they will make a strong family group with other badgers and stay around for us to provide badger watch evenings in the future.

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