Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Polecat shift

A slight rearrangement of our polecats has freed up our pen next to the mink enclosure. "Velvet" & "Storm" who were in there have now moved opposite into one of our double weasel pens. The polecat which was in there has been moved to the first of three stoat pens opposite the water voles and next to deer corner, and the polecat in there has been introduced with the 2 which were already in the other double stoat pen.....

Keeping up?..... well, this leaves our main polecat enclosure next to the mink empty. As we did last year, we are going to use that pen as a photo set over the Spring and Summer evenings for any of our photographic groups we have booked in. Here photographers will be able to get fairly natural looking shots of our young cubs we have around, including our new badger cubs.

Regular visitors will be pleased to know that our three tame fallow deer, "Bambi", "Thumper" & "Bracken" have been moved back on to display for the Easter period. They are back in Deer Corner and still as friendly as ever. We had moved them to a different paddock to Winter and allow their main home to re establish itself, but now they are back to where they can keep an eye on any visitors we have.

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