Thursday, 1 April 2010

Fox cubs

I was planning on posting these updates over the next few days, but this weekend is normally our busiest time of the year, weather permitting. If all goes well I will have little time to post to this blog so this is a fairly long post to catch up on all the remaining news of the week.... and there's been a lot!

In addition to the 2 badger cubs we had bought in, two days ago we had a pair of fox cubs arrive on our doorstep. These are two young dog foxes, about 4 weeks old, and are currently being reared along side our badger cubs. They will be on view for the fox talks and for photographic days before being re-homed at the end of the Summer to other wildlife centres.

The two fox cubs and badger cubs are living together at the moment to give each other company and enjoy playing around with each other and the keepers. They will have to be separated when a few months older though as the badgers play may get a bit rough for the foxes to handle.

They are already a handful for us, but then maybe we should only play with one at a time rather than all four :)

Check out the next two posts for more updates...

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