Thursday, 8 April 2010

Youngsters about

Both the fox cubs, above, and badger cubs, below, are doing extremely well. All have settled in and make regular appearances in our photographic pen after each of their relevant keeper talks. It is proving to be very popular with the public, as well as ourselves who get a chance to play with them for a few minutes.

We have also had our first litters of red squirrels for this year, countless mice and voles, foxes and wildcats are expecting in a few weeks, otters look hopeful for another litter this year as do all our deer and...... pine martens!

It may just me being ever hopeful, but Bonnie looks like she is getting bigger, and they usually give birth before the end of April. This would be a huge thing for us here as they are one of the only mammals we have not successfully bred here at the Centre.

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