Sunday, 18 April 2010

Long-eared Owls on Display

This morning we moved our pair of long-eared owls out into their new display aviary. They seemed to of settled down quite well already and will provide a rare glimpse of one of our least known British owls. Those hoping to see them will have to be patient however as they do like to hide away in the leylandi within their enclosure. But if you spend a little time to let your eyes accustom to their camouflage they will both soon emerge... even if it is just their striking eyes and ear tufts!

Also moved out onto display are our pair of breeding barn owls. She is currently sat on 5 eggs, and we hope some will hatch to allow us to rear 2 young chicks to join our bird of prey flying team this Summer.

Keep your eyes open for these new owls on your next visit.

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