Thursday, 1 April 2010

Buck, Stud Weasel!

Final of 3 updates today (check the other 2 below) and before a busy weekend for us...

"Buck" our male weasel has gone to Wildwood trust, Herne Bay, today as a stud weasel to mate with their 2 female weasels. He will then come back to us with one of the pregnant females to have the litter here.

As you know, we used to have a very successful group of weasels until a freak virus spread through and claimed all but one of them. We are hoping this pairing will help build our numbers back up to where they should be, and enable us to once again have them on display in our photographic pens where they where such a huge success only a couple of years ago.

I will keep you updated in his progress and return as and when we know.

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