Monday, 15 March 2010

Falcon in training

Quick video of me flying Jack, a Peregrine tiercel. Many of you asked me about him over the weekend, but I think few of you saw me fly him as were confused as to where I was going. At the moment I am flying him over the back corner of our deer paddock, you would be able to see him from the deer platform where we do our deer talks. I aim to fly him everyday from between 2.00pm and 3.00pm but can not be exact as it does have to be fitted around the many other tasks we have here.

Jack is on loan to me from a falconer friend over the next 6 months for a way to build up my experience in handling and training falcons. Of course its good for Jack too who gets to fly everyday, and good for the public who can get a closer look at the fastest recorded animal in the world.

Apologies for the video quality. May be best played on mute, and quality not as great as the last one posted. Im still getting used to all this techno geek bits of editing and uploading movies, and think I may have compressed this one a bit too much. Also I cut out the falcon catching the lure! Ill try upload another one later with that in.

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