Monday, 8 March 2010

Jack flying free

Some of you who visited us over the weekend may have been lucky enough to see me out and about with our Peregrine, Jack. Jack has been getting on extremely well, and from 2 weeks ago when he was not even interested in hand feeding from me, this past weekend he had his first free-flight off the training line.

I have had a lot of guidance from Paul Davies, an experienced falconer,  with the training of both the Kestrel and Peregrine and he came along on Saturday for moral support as Jack took his first free flight. 

All went extremely well and both yesterday and today I have worked Jack hard  in the air to try and get him fit. 

I aim to fly him every day so keep an eye open over Deer Paddock next time you are here, and you may be lucky enough to see him.
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