Friday, 18 January 2013

BWC Photo Comp 2012; Overall Winner

Congratulations to Wendy Salisbury for her winning image of Florence the tawny owl in flight!

Wendy won the "Animals in Motion" section with this lovely image above, and was chosen by professional wildlife photographer Heather Angel as the overall winner for the competition.

It was a difficult choice, with some fantastic photographs in the running, but Heather chose the above saying: "This is a lovely shot of a tawny owl captured head-on looking directly into the lens with the woodland backdrop. The perfect symmetry and the position of the owl in the frame could not be bettered".

As overall winner, Wendy wins a unique photographic day here at the Centre. I will take her round for the day giving her opportunities not possible during a group photographic day booking, which hopefully will allow Wendy a chance to take away some more stunning images.

Congratulations again to Wendy, and all the finalists, which will be displayed in our gallery in the coffee shop from our March weekend opening onwards.

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