Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Snow at the BWC

Over last weekend we saw 3 inches of snow fall over the wildlife centre. After a small flurry on the Friday, Sunday had snow all day and most of the night leaving the Centre a pristine white when waking up on Monday morning.

Now for us, it makes everything that little bit harder. Clearing water bowls of snow and ice before re filling them each day, defrosting the locks on each enclosure just so we can get in to tend to the animals, constantly clearing the footpath to keep it safe for ourselves and any visitors we have and even just walking from one place to another in the snow takes longer.

We are not complaining though, it is all good fun, and you get used to it very quickly. And for the animals... well they take to it all with no hassle at all. Some animals just sleep more, or become a little less active, while others actually come out more to enjoy the snow and play around.

In particular our otters and foxes seem to enjoy the snow the most, tunnelling through it, rolling in it and catching snow balls... and of course our snowy owl just looks simply stunning in a snowy landscape.

Here are just a couple of photos of our animals in the snow, to see some more click on the picture of me to the right later in the week to go to a separate blog which will show of some of my favourites.

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  1. The Snowy Owl has such piercing eyes! I know how the animals feel, I also became more sedentary with the snow!



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