Thursday, 31 January 2013

Introducing Macavity

The beginning of every year is always exciting with new arrivals as we prepare for the new breeding seasons. The first new arrival for 2013 is a Scottish Wildcat, "Macavity"

Macavity has come on loan from Wildwood in Herne Bay. We have swapped him for our very own "Richy Junior". By doing this it has given both ourselves and Wildwood a new potential breeding pair which we hope will produce kittens later this year.

After a short spell of display, we have now introduced Macavity to one of our lucky females, Iona. So far they have been getting on very well, and both seem to enjoy sleeping in the trees. Keep your eyes peeled up there if you want to see them, as you may only get a glimpse... but they will certainly be watching you!

As with all our cats, Macavity has a bit of an attitude, but then we wouldn't want it any other way. Later this year all our cats, along with several across the country, will be DNA tested to see just how "pure" they are. This will then give everyone a better idea about the situation, before firmer plans are made about the conservation efforts for our native cat.

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