Friday, 11 January 2013

Photo Comp 2012; Category Winners

OK, the wait is over, and today I am announcing the category runner ups and winners for our 2012 photographic competition. Each of the photos shown below will be displayed in our competition gallery, located in our coffee shop, from the March weekend openings for the following year. The winners of each category win annual membership to the British Wildlife Centre, or extension to their current membership for a year. This allows them to visit as many times as they wish during our open hours plus offers discounts and invitations to special member only events.

As with last year, the judging panel was made up with three people. David Mills, the BWC founder and owner. Myself, who as you know am a keen amateur photographer. And this year our head judge who chose the winning photos for each category, and the overall winner for the competition, was Heather Angel.

Heather Angel is a friend of the centre, and an internationally known professional wildlife photographer. During her career Heather has written many fascinating books and taken some truly stunning photographs. She has travelled around the world in pursuit of great images, but arguably her most well known work has been taken in China.

To see some of Heather Angel's photographs, and learn more about the work she has done, check out her website here and be truly inspired to pick up a camera!

So here you go... the photos themselves... check back later next week for the announcement of the overall winner.

Animal Portrait

"Otter" - Furtographer Phil

"Will it be dark soon?" - Malcolm Biles

Animal in their Habitat

"Harvest Mouse" - Linda K

"This fishing is hard work" - Casamacca

Animals in Motion

"Tawny" - Wendy Salisbury

"Otters playing" - Brian Stoddart

Animals with their Keeper

"Florence and Izzy" - Gordan Rae

"Flo the fox" - Amanda Hawes

Fauna Fun

"Red squirrels ride invisible motorbikes" - Andrew Bertram

"Salmon fillet this big please" - Peter Trimming


"Synchronised snakes" - Jaime Holme

"I'm watching you" - Alex Berryman

Congratulations to all the photographers above, and good luck to the winners for the overall prize. I have a couple of good posts lined up for the beginning of next week, and then will announce the overall winner on Friday (18th).

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