Friday, 4 April 2014

Easter Opening

Just a reminder that we are now open everyday for the next two weeks for Easter half term, and the following Bank Holiday Easter Monday! Do come along and see us if you can, and in particular keep an eye out for our wild water voles, our grass snakes and water shrews which have been moved back on to display and our herons!

The water shrews continue to show themselves well, and seem to have spells of activity. Active for half your or so, then quiet, then active again and like this through out the day. The patient amongst you should get to see a good glimpse of these animals.

I know you all know about our herons already, but they are particularly active at the moment. Many have nests, and many of those nests have chicks in them. If you catch them while they are feeding, usually the end of the day, you may get to see the chicks poking their heads out of the nest.

Little tip for you... good place to view the herons is from the second car park!

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