Thursday, 10 April 2014

Malta Massacre

Not a pleasant post, but if you get ten minutes over a tea break today please do read the home page on Chris Packham's website linked above and below.

For years hunters in  Malta have been illegally killing birds migrating over the island, many of them considered rare species, and little has been done to stop this appalling behaviour. Having spoken to many of our visitors over the past week, it is clear to me that not many people are even aware of this happening, so please do spread this message far and wide among those you know.

You may think why is this important for British wildlife?.. Many of these birds being shot are British species, and birds that visit our country. I'll be honest and say I don't know a huge amount about this myself, so please take a look at the email below that Chris sent to his mailing list and follow the link to his website to learn more.

Dear All,

Pasted below is a link to the home page of my website which currently displays information about an important project which I will be working on shortly . I'd like to ask you to forward this link by e-mail , Facebook and Twitter to as many people as possible , it really doesn't matter if they are 'into wildlife' or not , I'd like everyone to learn about this issue . Or if you have your own website then please copy the details onto it and encourage as many visits as you can.

'Malta – Massacre on Migration' will be my first 'as live' nightly YouTube diary from the frontline of this Mediterranean slaughter ground . Each evening at 9.00 PM UK time we will upload a short report of the days activities to increase awareness of the impact of the mass killing of birds and to ask viewers to help us end this vile travesty .
So please click on the link for more information and then please share it widely . We can make a difference - but only if we act .

Thank you
Best Wishes
Chris Packham

Thanks for looking.

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