Saturday, 19 April 2014

More Adders

Yes I know, more adders, but you know it gets like this every time at this time of year... After thinking that they may have stopped dancing for this year, they surprised me by putting on another display today! I was completely oblivious, but thankfully one of our members, Karen Jones, kindly found me to let me know they were at it again.

I only saw it for a few minutes, but managed to get up close. You know I love adders, and when they had finished dancing I stayed in there for a bit to watch them and talk to the public about their behaviour. At one point I had an adder in the lens of my macro, and at another point one beginning to climb over the camera in my hand... what a great experience!

This gives me hope that they may dance again over the weekend. As I have said before, no guarantees of course, but I would imagine it will be the last weekend that they MAY dance... I can't see it lasting till next weekend, especially since the females have both mated now.

Back to non adder news next week... I have a few posts on the back burner due to the adders this week, so will roll them out as and when. Plus news on a new sister blog which may not interest all of you, but will certainly interest some.

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