Friday, 12 March 2010

Little star of big screen

For the past 2 days the BBC natural history unit has been in our field studies centre filming a sequence for "Natural World". The piece is actually about the peacock butterfly but one of our wood mice makes a cameo appearance.
The section they were filming was of the butterflys reaction to nearby threats. The butterfly was placed in a makeshift set and our mouse was encouraged to walk along a log nearby. This led to the butterfly opening its wings displaying its bright colours and making a slight hissing noise.

I think the sequence proved quite a challenge to the filming team, but they seemed pleased with what they managed to film. Look our for it on TV over this coming Summer. Of course, now one of our wood mice is famous I guess its only proper he has a name... any suggestions?... and please something more original than "Woody"

Warmer weather here is lovely, hope to see some of you this coming weekend.
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  1. how about Herman, as in Herman the Great. Otherwise, Stuart, as in Stuart Little.

  2. I like Wilbur...Sir Wilbur Woodmouse. :)


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