Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Red Squirrel Launch

Today was the day of our official opening of our walk-through red squirrel enclosure. We were delighted to welcome back  Dame Judi Dench to the centre to open our new exhibit. The morning went very well and we had quite a few press people from local tv, radio and news.

After Dame Judi Dench cut the ribbon we all went into the enclosure to release 2 more squirrels into their new home. They were very quick out of their traps, but I think at least one photographer was lucky enough to catch it on camera. As soon as the new arrivals were out, a lot of the current residents also made an appearance to meet their new companions, and so provided a good opportunity for the photographers.

After opening the enclosure Dame Judi Dench went to see here adopted otter, Minnie. 

Overall it all seemed to go very well with many invited people turning up. As well as Dame Judi Dench we had Chris Packham here from Springwatch who is a good friend of the centre and David Shepherd, wildlife artist and founder of the David Shepherd wildlife foundation.

Look out for us on the BBC South East news tonight.


  1. Aaaaaaah wow, I can't believe my favourite actress opened the new enclosure! How great is that!! Thanks for the photos! :)

  2. How nice of Judi to be at the opening. Our group is meeting her in a couple of days and i must tell them about the Wildlife Opening. I have white squirrels in my area in Unites States Pa. I have never seen Red Squirrels


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