Monday, 30 April 2012

Babies Abound

We were wondering what young wildlife we would have this year at the Centre, what with our recent decisions to stop breeding fox cubs and to have a years hiatus from breeding wildcats, but it seems the BWC is still going to be a home to many cubs, kitts and kittens again in 2012.

Of course we have the usual mice, rats and voles. Muntjac deer are continuing to breed and we have high hopes for our new polecat pair as well as our existing pair and some new owl chicks are bound to follow before the Summer.

But for now, we have a young stoat with hopes for more to follow as seen above. Our red squirrels are so far breeding well, and the young kittens in the walkthrough enclosure are beginning to come out and explore. Our rabbits have had their first litter for this year, and of course Ellis is continuing to be the star attraction when he is here after the fox keeper talks.

Do come and see some of our youngsters this weekend... the stoats will be off display still for a few weeks, but all our other kits are out and about and our red squirrels in particular are a joy to watch as they are finding their feet in the walkthrough enclosure.

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  1. I do love visiting this Blog - such fabulous photos. Sadly I haven't yet visited the Centre but its on the 'list of places to visit' in 2012 :-)


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