Friday, 20 April 2012

Ellis the Fox Cub

He has only been with us for just over a week, but already "Ellis" is somewhat of a super star! He has settled down very well in his new surroundings, and has proven to be very popular with visitors.

This week we have been getting him used to new situations... he had been spending a lot of time with the keepers, Katie is doing a fantastic job in rearing him and has been taking him for short walks on a lead and harness around the Centre and we have been slowly introducing him to cameras.

A few days ago we moved our polecat pair from their enclosure, and they are now housed opposite next to our other polecats. This leaves their pen free once again to be used as a photographic pen just as we did last year.

From this Saturday, after both of the fox keeper talks, we will be taking Ellis to the photographic pen for 10/15 minutes to allow him to stretch his legs in a controlled and safe environment, while allowing for you to see him closer up and get a few pictures. This will continue on every day we are open, as long as Katie is on duty, until he is too big for the pen and old enough to introduce to Biscuit. 

Why not come and see how Ellis is doing this weekend, I am sure he will be pleased to meet you.

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