Tuesday, 10 April 2012

"Ellis" the Fox Cub

Meet our newest arrival, "Ellis" (named after a certain Swedish physio...) Ellis is a fox cub which was rescued by Wildlife A&E. He has come to the BWC to find a new home, and will be an ideal friend for Biscuit when he is old enough to introduce to her.

Until then, Katie has taken on the task of looking after him and keeping him friendly. Ellis will be living with Katie until old enough to leave at the Centre on his own, and will be making appearances after the fox talk everyday Katie is working to get used to people. In a few weeks time we will once again ustilise the photographic enclosure to allow you all to get a few snaps of him growing up too.

Ellis is approximately 5 weeks old. When first born the cubs are blind and deaf, with their eyes and ears only opening up after a couple of weeks. They start off life black in colour until they reach about 4 or 5 weeks old, when their fur will slowly start to change while the cubs start to venture a little way out of the earth. Once opened, their eyes are blue but slowly change to a more amber colour within a few weeks. You can see form the first photo above that Ellis is beginning to develop both his amber eyes and red coat.

Come and meet Ellis when you can, he will be in everyday this week except Friday. Then from the following weekend, all going to plan, we will start to introduce him to the photographic pen for the weekends.


  1. Adorable! No chance he'll be around for next Monday's photography day then?

  2. I doubt he will be comfortable enough for the photographic enclosure for Monday, however all going to plan he will be using it after both fox keeper talks from the following weekend. This will allow good photo chances on a general public open day.

  3. Cheers Matt - I thought it might be a bit too much a bit too soon for the little fella! Still, given I can't get down to BWC that often, it was worth asking!


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