Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Dance of the Adders - 2012

After a disappointing weekend of adder watching, todays weather brought the ideal conditions for them... and they treated us to a spectacular display of the "Dance of the Adders"

I won't waste time on describing the ritual/dance/behaviour, if you want to learn more check back in the archives of the blog to this time last year and the year before... you will see more photos and a good video clip. But before you do, check out the video above taken Monday morning of this years dance, and a few of the many photos I took below.


  1. Amazing to see! Thank you for sharing. And the photos are stunning!! Snakes are such beautiful creatures. The second and fourth photos are my favourite.

  2. Thanks for the detailed explanation Matt. I have learnt a lot. Hope they are still at it at the weekend although got some quite good shots the other day.


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