Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Ellis settling in well


Apologies, I feel I have let you all down as I can not bring you new photos of Ellis in the photographic pen. But can you blame me?... When we were up there on Saturday it was a choice between Ellis and the adders dancing again! Come on?... And Sunday, well that was the first sightings of the female adders... I mean, it's a no-brainer right? OK, I admit Ellis is a cutie, but ADDERS!!!!

Nevertheless, check out this stunning photograph above taken by Wendy Salisbury. I think you will all agree that it seems Ellis is settling in well in his new role of "Most photographed fox cub ever" He was not phased at all by the people watching him and clicking cameras, and he will be out again this weekend on both Saturday and Sunday.

Follow the link above to see more of Wendy's photography.

Meanwhile, it seems we have another budding photographer in the midst. Check out this photo by keeper Rich (he's the chubby one if you are not sure.)


... Not bad huh? Rich is really beginning to get into the photography side of things, and keen to learn more, but he is a little shy. So any of you photographers our there please do make yourself known to him and help him out a little with his isos and apertures.

Who knows, maybe in another year or two I won't be the only award winning photographer the BWC has to offer ;-)

Come see Ellis this weekend if you haven't already, he is growing fast.

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  1. Thanks for the plug Matt - I for one am quite glad you picked the addrers over Ellis ! Wendy :)


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