Friday, 29 November 2013

Adults "Think" they say the funniest things...

Following on from last week, we didn't want to leave the adults out. Do they say the funniest things?

Well yes, sometimes, but other times it is just things that are no longer funny or original and that we have heard time and time again. Take a look below, and again, please take with the humour intended.

 - "That's a funny looking animal!" Pointing at a keeper in an enclosure

 - "That's a very big weasel" Looking at a keeper in the weasel pen

 - "Oh look, this is the homosapien pen" Looking at a keeper in a pen

You get the drift...

 - "What's the difference between a stoat and a weasel?.. Weasels are weasily recognised, where as stoats are stoatily different!"

 - "You can come round and do my windows if you like!" While a keeper is washing the windows

 - "The otters aren't out... Dam!"

I'll give you a couple of minutes for that one...

 - "Do you find this animal living in Britain?"

 - "What country do you find this animal in?"

Think about the last 2 :-)

 - "Are you all voluntary?"

 - "Are you training to be a vet?"

 - "When are you going to work in a proper zoo?"

 - "Oh I'd love to have a job like yours, and play with animals all day!"

 - "What do you do when you are not open?.. It must be so quiet!"

The last few often lead to misconceptions about what we do, so I have lined up a post for couple of weeks time about a keepers role at the BWC!

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