Friday, 22 November 2013

Kid's say the funniest things

I have always said we could write a book about the amusing things we hear children say around the centre... Whether it be on a school trip, or on a day out with mum and dad, some of the things we hear are great fun!

All below have been heard by one of the keepers at some time over the years. Please take this in the spirit is is meant, it is just so nice to hear our younger generation so excited about being here.

 - Running towards the otter pond... "Crocodiles!"

 - Seeing the sheep in out in the field... "Polar bears!"

 - Child: "You know polar bears?... Well my daddy kills snakes and curries them."

 - Keeper: "and the owl swallows the mouse in a big gulp." Child: "That's what I do with my pasta"

 - Child: "This place is amazing. I thought you'd only have ants!"

 - Child: "Why doesn't Santa have red deer?" Keeper: "Because red deer can't fly." Child: "Oh yeah!"

 - Child: "My dad drives a vole." Adult: "No dear, he drives a volvo"

 - Keeper: "What's the difference between a girl deer and a boy deer." Child: "The boys have something dangly between their legs."

 - Adult looking at a keeper in the rabbit enclosure: "That looks like a very big rabbit." Child: "Yeah only a little smaller than a elephant."

 - Child: "If you look at a deer's bum, it looks like it has sat on an owl"

 - Child: "I'm not an omnivore, carnivore or herbivore... I'm a choclovooore!"

 - Keeper: "What are the four types of teeth?" Child: "Sharp ones, not so sharp ones, even less sharp ones... and then some others."

Ok, so maybe not a book... but a blog post is a good start. I am sure there are lots of others that we can't remember at the moment, but it does keep us amused throughout school trips :-)


  1. It's not just the kids, on more than one occasion I've heard adults calling the Water Voles Otters!!!!

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  3. I will never look at a deer bum in the same way now...because it is so true!!!


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