Monday, 25 November 2013


OK, I know... more of Franklin... but can you blame me?.. He's adorable!!!

He was out over the weekend, and is now a real pro in the water and even beginning to come out on to the bank even with us being in there. Still a little shy of course, but getting bolder by the day.

Before you take a look at the rest of the pics below, and even a short video of them playing in the water, just a reminder to you all that this week is the last week you can enter our BWC photo competition.

As with previous years, the number of entries and support has been great, and we will have great fun looking through them all. The only disappointment is the lack of junior entries. 
So if you are 16 years or under, and a keen photographer, get on over to flickr or email your photos in to the centre for a chance to win some great prizes!

Mummy's Boy

 Or Daddy's Boy

 Now a real pro in the water

Being brave with mum

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  1. The picture you entitled 'Mummy's Boy' makes my delight! Thank you!


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