Saturday, 2 November 2013

Franklin part 2

OK, fair warning to you all, there could be a lot of otter pics over the next few days!.. Franklin was out today, and many a lucky photographer was here to take a few snaps. I have yet to look on flickr myself, but hopefully there will be some photos shared that people took today.

It looked like more swimming lessons were the agenda today, as mum continuously pushed Franklin in to the water. When first born, otters are afraid of the water, and so a very much "thrown in the deep end" attitude is taken by the mum to teach them how to swim.

He wasn't too keen, and so would try to scramble back out on to the bank. Only this time dad would grab hold of him and drag him back in again!

I always find it fascinating to watch our animals... In the wild, the father would be long gone, and so the mother would do all the rearing. You may imagine therefore that Elwood would play no part in looking after little Franklin, but as many saw today, he plays a very active role.

 Of course dad's best role is to just have fun, act the big kid, and play with the youngster... much to mum's annoyance.

The hard work and rest worked out though, as Franklin set off on a major swim across the width of the pond. He didn't quite make it, and had to veer off to the island half way across, but with practice and strength he will soon get there.

If you get the chance, do come in tomorrow (Sunday) to see little Franklin in action... he is adorable, and it will be your last chance until the week after Christmas.

For those that can't make it, fear not, as I have a few video clips I will piece together over the coming days to put up here for you to see.

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