Thursday, 7 November 2013

Franklin part 3

Franklin was out on form over the weekend, but often behind the reeds and trees... many got a good view of him, but only a few managed to get any photographs. Some great shots are up on flickr if you have yet to see them!

Meanwhile, yesterday more swimming lessons... doesn't he look small in the water?

He is getting on very well, but still needs a helping hand from time to time. Dad Elwood seems to be helping out the most, or maybe he just thinks it's all a good game!

Tired out, and piggy back seems the way to go for Franklin. It won't be long till he is brave enough to come up on to the bank regularly with Emmy and Elwood, but he is growing fast! Being the only cub means he is larger then normal for his age, but very healthy.

Below is a video clip of them playing around, from a distance I'm afraid, but still thought you may like to see it.


  1. That was a lovely video, they are so cute one of my favourite animals. Thank you.

  2. I havent been here for a while and you have so much going on over there!!! :) I had no idea little otters did not like water. And the care of the Daddy is also quite impressive, your animals seem to be having very happy lives. I hope to come and see them once.


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